What’s the best water to drink and why?


With water and hydration being such an integral factor when it comes to weight loss, maintaining great energy and health…

We’ve dedicated this last week to helping people stay hydrated and drinking the best water.

In this article I’ve put together my responses to our most frequently asked questions around water and dehydration.

So grab a nice big glass of purified water, drink up and enjoy.


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Why is it important to be hydrated?


Water and the electromagnetic relationship that water brings within your body is what helps the blood flow throughout your body.

If you imagine your cells where like a grape, you want a nice plump grape… but when you become dehydrated that grape starts shrinking up and becomes like a raisin, at that point the ability for the cell to do its job is heavily compromised.

If someone’s dehydrated they’re going to be missing out on energy production, they might think they’re hungry and be craving energy from food, which can cause us to overeat.

When you start looking at health concerns, hayfever and asthma are associated with dehydration, and then you start looking at longer-term health concerns – heart disease is directly related to dehydration.

In one study people who drank more than 5 glasses of water had less than half the risk of heart disease than people who drank under two glasses a day.


How can you test to see if you’re dehydrated?


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Here’s a great little test to see if you’re dehydrated. Many people are shocked they can’t ‘pinch an inch’ on their lower spine.

If you can pinch an inch you’re above 50% hydration, if you can’t pinch an inch you’re dehydrated and need to drink more water.

The other way you can test is through a body composition machine and that measures the cellular and extra cellular hydration levels within the body.


So how much water should we be drinking each day?


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A basic guide I recommend is 0.033 x your body weight (kg) = litres of water.


60 kg = 2 litres

75 kg = 2.5 litres

90 kg= 3 litres

105 kg = 3.5 litres


What’s the best water to drink?


Like all things there’s different qualities of water.

The best water to drink is pure, mineralized and slightly alkaline (read on to see how to get this water).

Most of our diet and lifestyles are slightly more acidic which can cause a whole bunch of different functions within the body to not work as well, like the digestive system and kidney function for example, so we want slightly more alkaline mineralised water.


Should I drink tap water?


Tap water’s not going to cut it.

Most tap water is going to have chlorine and fluoride, and both of these can be problematic.

Chlorine: is basically like a mild bleach that has a bad taste and has been put in water to kill any bad bacteria, and when you start drinking a lot of it, it starts killing the bacteria in your mouth and gut.

Flouride: blocks iodine in the body. With 72 pathways of iodine in the body, anywhere iodine should be doing its job you’re going to get decreased function because of the fluoride.

Water and weight loss

A few years ago when I was running two weekend seminars a month to a group of 150 people in Napier and 150 people in Havelock North, we discovered something really interesting…

The Napier group was losing a lot more weight than the Havelock North group, even though they were following the exact same 12 week programme.

It took me a while to narrow it down to the fact the fluoride in the Havelock water was affecting the weight loss results. Napiers water has much lower levels of fluoride than the water in Havelock North. We then got the Havelock group to drink filtered water and their weight loss started to improve.

So what you want to do is run your water through a filter that’s going to take away the chlorine and reduce the fluoride, then add some minerals and slightly alkalise the water.


What water filters do you recommend?


It took me 4 years of research to find water filters that I now use and recommend.

Depending on people’s situation we have a range to suit different lifestyles…

If you’re renting or just want a mobile water jug filter to clean, restructure and alkalise your drinking water then you have the choice of this intro level jug ($65) or I use this one ($189)

If you live in the country, have clean water already, and want an under bench filter then you just need a filter to restructure and re-mineralise (alkalise) your water then use this one ($285)

If you live in the city and want an under bench filter to knock out chlorine, restructure and alkalise your water then use this one ($472)
If you live in the country and need a water filter to knock out bacteria, restructure and alkalise your water then use this one ($499)
If you live in an area with Fluoridated water then you’re going to need this filter…. ($649).
If you have any questions about the type of filters that might suit you, please feel free to contact us on 0800 873 787 or email info@bepure.co.nz

Is it ok to drink from plastic bottles?


The problem with plastic bottles is that the plastic leeches chemicals like pcb’s dioxins which are xeno-estrogenic and it mimics estrogen, and so then when you start getting too much estrogen it blocks the estrogen receptor sites which then means your body essentially becomes insulin resistant which makes it very difficult for your body to lose fat.

So I recommend once you’ve had your water filtered, you drink out of a glass bottle or a stainless steel bottle that you can take with you so you’re minimising the estrogen load…

These are the stainless steel bottles we use here at BePure.


Plastic bottles and weight loss

I did a talk about 10 years ago now at a Pilates centre just on water, and we got them drinking more water and moving away from drinking out of plastic bottles and onto drinking out of glass or stainless steel bottles. It was 59 women, and 1 guy (this was before Pilates was cool for guys)…

I spoke to the owner of the centre 6 weeks later and she said that was the biggest weight loss she’d seen in a group ever (just from drinking more water and switching to drinking out of glass or stainless steel bottles).


That’s all for now, if you have any other questions about water or hydration you can head over to our Facebook page (Ben Warren’s BePure Health Revolution), give us a call on 0800 873 787 or email info@bepure.co.nz


Yours in health and happiness,

Ben Warren


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