What’s best Krill oil or Fish Oil?

I often get asked “what’s best? Krill oil or Fish Oil?”

To be honest with you it depends on the quality of the Fish Oil, but if you are comparing Krill oil to BePure THREE high strength Fish oil then the answer is generally going to be BePure THREE fish oil.

Krill oil is kind of different to Fish oil, as the main benefit of Krill oil is the high phospholipids that make up the body’s cell membranes, therefore it’s very good for brain health and so if someone has a brain condition I will recommend Krill oil for them.

But Krill oil is quite low in active omega 3’s DHA and EPA.  The research of the benefits of fish oil has been centered on the effects of DHA and EPA.  Therefore I recommend that most people take a high DHA/EPA fish oil like BePure THREE and this will serve people more effectively than Krill.

BePure THREE gives incredible value – check out the chart below and click here to learn more….

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