Troubleshooting for those with iPad & iPhone Apple Devices to access the Life Changing Program

For those  wanting to use an iPad or iPhone to access their life changing program you will need to download the “Puffin App”.

The instructions to do so and then how to use the app are instructed below.

Find your “App Store Icon” and tap to enter

app screen














In the search bar type “puffin web browser free”




searching puffin














puffin free web browser














puffin download













Tap the download icon, this is the cloud with the downward arrow, this will begin downloading. Once downloaded tap to “Open”


download puffin













search function














Above is the home screen you will get when you open the Puffin Web Browser, tap the blue search box and type (if you leave out the www. you will only get a search engine function)



on the iphone you will have to scoll over to see my bepure














On the iphone this is the screen(above)  you will get and you will have to scroll across the page to get to the tab that you need, on the iPad the whole screen will come up no adjustments necessary.




my bepure














You will want the “My BePure” tab and from the drop down box the “BePure Information Hub”




ipad home page














login page













From here (above) you can log in with your User Name: The email address you used when you signed up to BePure and your Password you will find issued in your Welcome email to the “Life changing program”. If this was not the case please ring or email us so that we can fix the problem for you.


I would also recommend bookmarking this page. This can be found on the right hand side of the screen and the icon is three vertical white dots. Here select the Bookmark icon and save the page for easier access in the future.

When logging in it will also prompt you to save your username and password, I would recommend doing this, so that you do not have to look it up or type it in each time. You also have the option to change your password once you have logged in to your programme under your “account” “edit your profile”.



how it looks on home page of login













When you log you are taken to the home page, from here  you will need to tap the “Life Changing Programme” Tab



lifechanging program screen













The first Module will be open; to access a module tap the underlined subject line



video ipad













Tap the video to play, to make the video large use your fingers to zoom into the page




video in puffin











To download the PDF file at the bottom of each module, tap to download and select “this device” or “google drive”. Which ever you choose, you can always access your downloads, by going into your control panel/centre on the right hand side of the browser : the three vertical dots, tap downloads to access the PDF documents you have saved.
I find it easier to use Google Drive as you can then print from your device if your printer is set up for wireless print.




download buttondownload devicesaved file google drive save

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