The most powerful tool yet for you to experience daily success…

Hi Bepurers!

I am truly excited to announce the release of what I believe to be the most powerful tools yet to help people experience daily success.  It’s called BePure NOW and it’s a Point System to help people experience daily success implementing the BePure Principles.

I know many of you who have tried to lose weight with calorie restriction will be familiar with the concept of counting the calories of your food and measuring your success based on the score.  This is a great system the only problem being… we know that restricting calories is not the key factor for long term weight loss.  As soon as you start eating again, you gain fat quicker because you have trained your lipogenic fat cells to store fat while you were restricting your calories…check out my previous blog to learn more!!

We know that ancestral eating and the BePure way works long term, over 25,000KG lost can’t be wrong and people keep it off…because it’s a lifestyle, a way of eating…rather than a diet.  The key to success with the BePure way is applying the BePure principles into your life on a daily basis.  That’s were BePure NOW comes in…

Principles like getting enough sleep, drinking water, not skipping meals, and eating the right foods for you!  Well now you can get points for doing this on a daily basis – you actually get points for eating!!  The more points the better.  The challenge lies in trying to get over 30 points a day so you can earn you ‘BePure’ status.

Getting to bed before 10:30pm will earn you 3 points.



Just by following the BePure  base principles for a day will earn 31 points – you then get the chance to earn ‘Ben’s Bonus Points.’  These are bonus points I like to award for doing a little extra – like eating leafy greens or some organ meat.

Each time you eat a leafy green you will earn a Ben’s Bonus Point  to be added to your BePure total.





BePure lets you indulge too!  Yep, you can still eat what you like, literally – but you get points deducted for indulging in foods and drinks that are not beneficial for you.  You are allowed to have one indulgence a day at no cost!  However, every indulgence after that will result in minus points to be taken off your daily total.

You’re allowed one indulgence a day before having to deduct indulgence points (this coffee is worth -5 points)





Julie (the BePure administrator) and I have been having a lot of fun with this as we travel around the country giving seminars – as we go from cafe to restaurant trying to rack up as many points as possible – searching out leafy greens, organ meats and trying to avoid indulgences – great fun!

Here’s an example of a meal and the scoring for it…

I had this meal for breakfast yesterday – it was steamed pumpkin and swiss chard with carpaccio.





SO…for this meal alone I got 2 points for it being the right level of macronutrients for me, I was conscious of chewing and so got 2 points for that – plus because it was a ‘big breakfast’ I got a point for that too.  Then, I got a bonus point for the leafy greens, another bonus point for raw/slow cooked meat plus another 1 for being 50% organic/homegrown – so I got 8 points just from this meal…and you know what it tasted great and I was full with great energy till 1pm!!

I am launching BePure NOW with a one day food and fun packed workshop – click here to learn more…

In health and happiness

Ben Warren


  1. #1 by charity on June 2, 2011 - 2:39 pm

    Love the concept! When will something be available online?


    • #2 by Ben on June 2, 2011 - 8:10 pm

      The basic version is in Module 8 of my Life Changing Online Programme – other than that might have to wait for the book! Thanks, Ben


  2. #3 by Tom Righter on October 6, 2011 - 10:48 am

    That’s true!! BePure Principles changes my life totally. I’m totally thankful to BePure. Thanks and more power.


  3. #4 by David Ben on October 6, 2011 - 10:49 am

    Hi there!! Seem like this tool is very effective for losing weight. I’m a fat guy trying to lose my weight, I think by using this tool tactics I can lose my weight. Buddy do you recommend me where can I find this tool in the net. Thanks in advance :)


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