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The end of raw milk as we know it… Act now to secure it’s availibility..

For those of you who have been following my movements on facebook you will know that last week I went down to Wellington with a couple of New Zealand’s top dairy producers to meet with Federated Farmers, MAF and the Policy maker for the government, regarding the upcoming law changes around raw milk.

Although, the outcome from the meeting was essentially positive, the ball was put firmly back in our court…

If the consumers do not speak up and tell MAF what they want, they will assume that consumers do not want to be able to buy raw milk and essentially it will be unavailable to most.

So, here’s what you need to do…write a letter (submission), at the top have 3 or 4 bullet points of what you want and why, with some explanation in the main body…really simple.

15 minutes of your time now, could seal a legacy for your children and grandchildren to access raw milk.

Yes, it’s a great time to be involved with raw milk as this is our best opportunity to increase the availability of this superfood.

By talking to the head of MAF who will be reading the submissions and making the recommendation to the Minister I was able to get insights into what you should be talking about in your letter…here are some keys questions to be answering…

How would you like to be able to purchase raw milk in the future?
How long have you been drinking raw milk?
Have you ever got sick from drinking raw milk?
What health benefits have you noticed since drinking raw milk (include personal testimony and photos if available). How do you feel about your rights as a consumer to make educated choices around food.

Simply mail your letter (submission) to:

Food Policy Team
Biosecurity & Food Directorate
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
PO Box 2526
Wellington 6104
New Zealand


You can also email your submissions to:

Submissions need to be made before the 5th December and so we haven’t got long… I’m still preparing my submission which will be much more extensive than most as I wish to dissolve MAF’s main concern which is the associated risk of drinking raw milk.  I’ll post my submission to this blog when it’s complete so you can see the fully referenced benefits of drinking raw milk.  If you wish to know more about the benefits of drinking raw milk click here…

Please take the 15 minutes to secure this legacy…  God speed.


In health and happiness



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Money makes the world go around….

I was thinking…it does not makes sense…

I don’t get it.. the government in New Zealand is going to ban real milk (Raw Milk) while it continues to allow the sale of high sugar drinks to children – that does not make any sense???

But then you think about makes a lot of sense if people found out the truth about pasterised and homogenised milk nobody would want to drink it.   But, then conglomerates like Fonterra would be out of business. So, who’s really behind raw milk getting banned.   It can’t be the health hazards of drinking raw milk – as in Hawkes Bay over 10,000 people drink raw milk every week and yet there is NOT ONE CASE of food poisoning from it’s consumption – and that’s from !

The simple truth is there is too much money being made from perpetuating the myth that milk needs to be pasturised.  Which allows is collection and redistribution to the unknowing public that are consuming it – not knowing that the polyunsaturated fats will be damaged causing mega free radicals, the enzymes used by our body to break down the sugar in milk and calcium in milk is gone!  30% of the protein is gone, glutathione an incredible antioxidant is gone, the beneficial bacteria is gone, most of the B vitamins and vitamin C…gone – you get the idea… what’s left….not a lot!!!

Money really does make the world go around…to teach people how to break free, get healthy and lose fat I created the BePure Health Revolution.



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