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Latest research recommends avoiding red meat…

In a recent study of red meat consumption the researchers found that women who ate the most red meat had a higher risk of stroke.  The study followed over 34,000 Swedish women and their red meat consumption.

Does this mean we should stop eating red meat???


We know from various observational studies of Native American Indians that people can be very healthy eating a diet high in red meat, some tribes of Native American Indians diet was 80% protein and fat from Buffalo – can’t get much redder meat than that!  Yet, they had no cancer and very low rates of heart disease on this native diet.  How can this be so?  The answer lies in what type of red meat you are eating…

Stroke is most commonly caused by blocked arteries in the neck.  What causes the arteries to block?  Inflammation and the persuing  healing responses (cholesterol etc), but inflammation is the root cause…so what could it be in the red meat that is causing inflammation? Let me answer this for you…


In Europe most beef is produced by supplementing feed with grains like corn.  Ruminants are evolved/designed to eat grass (which happens to be high in Omega 3’s) and cannot digest grains (which are high in omega 6’s) easily.  This difference leads to a major difference in the omega 3/6 ratio of the meat.  For example, grain fed beef can have as high a ratio as 1 omega 3 to 25 omega 6.  Whereas, grass fed beef under low stress conditions will have an omega ratio of  1 omega 3 to 3 omega 6, in fact one of the leading beef producers in the country Ewan Campbell gets his meat tested and his beef has more omega 3 than salmon!  So, as you can see there can be large differences between red meats…How does this effect stroke I hear you say…read on….

Research has shown that an imbalance between omega 6 and omega 3 (too much omega 6) is pro-inflammatory.  Whereas, omega 3 is anti-inflammatory.  Therefore eating grain fed beef causes a lot of inflammation and later on stroke!

So could it be that it’s not the fact that eating red meat that’s the problem but the type of red meat and poor omega 3 to omega 6 ratios?  Sure – by the way wild buffalo have a ratio of 1 to 1 – the way nature intended.


So, what do I do?   I avoid grain fed beef and eat only grass fed low stress beef as a minimum – well that’s easy in New Zealand!  I also recommend that everyone supplement with an omega 3 supplement to help balance their omega3/6 ratios – I recommend Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil Capsules because they retain the natural vitamins A and D whereas other brands take these out and sell them to us as a separate supplement!  Click here to view Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil Capsules.

Right I’m off to enjoy my seared steak!


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