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Please, please, please don’t feed your children boxed cereals…

Morning World!

There are many problems with boxed cereals beyond the obvious – sugar, preservatives, synthetic vitamin fortification, oxide mineral fortification… But people don’t realise that if grains are not prepared correctly they can be very problematic.  For example, grains contain phytic acid – which binds the minerals in the grain so, in nature, the grain will only begin to grow in optimal conditions (moisture being the key).  If you eat cereals that have not been soaked the phytic acid will bind minerals in your intestinal track potentially taking minerals like magnesium and calcium out of your body.

The nutritional benefits come from eating whole grains – not processed whole grains!  But whole grains!  In boxed cereals the grains are often processed, plus the heat used in pressing a grain into a flake or pressure of puffing the grain will destroy the B vitamin content – this is why they have to then replace the B vitamins – but I can guarantee you they will be using the cheapest synthetic B vitamins to do this!

I could go on and on…But the solution is simple…if you want to give your children grains for breakfast give them whole grains like millet, buckwheat, rolled oats, quinoa, barley, amaranth and brown rice.  Soak over night to release the phytic acid, drain and cook.  The great thing about pre-soaking is that the grains generally cook a lot faster this way too.

We had this first course meal 1 (breakfast) this, white and black quinoa and amaranth grains soaked overnight.  In a seperate dish we soaked some gogi berries, raisins and prunes.

Then in the morning I drained and rinsed the grains and added 250ml of coconut milk and cooked the grains in the coconut milk.  Once cooked (about 15 minutes)  – serve the grains in bowls and top with the soaked juice from the berry/raisin and prune mix and enjoy.  Of course you could add some freshly ground flaxseeds to this as well as chopped raw nuts and butter – but this morning we didn’t.

This has no added sugar and as you’ll see below – Isabella my 3 year old daughter loved it and went back for seconds.  Due to my macronutrient profile I followed this course with a carpaccio course (raw steak – but that’s another blog altogether!)

Please note this meal was 100% organic and cost under $1.50 each – the most expensive part being the coconut milk.  A small price to pay to protect Isabella from oestrogenic pesticides which are shown to be a contributing factor in breast cancer, endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

I hope one day that Isabella will be able to experience the joy and love of being a parent as I have….  Unfortunately many children her age won’t be able to due to oestrogen mimicking hormones in the environment.  This is becoming more prevalent in our younger women even now let alone for a our 3 year olds as they grow older…but that’s another blog….

Much Love



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