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Burn more calories doing nothing!

Hello Pure People,

I hope you had a great weekend.

I enjoyed my weekend on the Kapiti Coast helping another 300 people get healthy at my free evening seminars, clawing my way towards that million people healthy!

Today, I would like to talk about one of the best ways to monitor and measure your health.

I am constantly amazed at how many people still hop on their bathroom scales and use their ‘overall weight’ as a way to measure how their recent nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle factors are working for them.
Most people want to lose weight, right? So, for guys you probably wouldn’t be too worried about your weight if you had 6 pack abs, right?  For women, again you probably wouldn’t be too worried about your weight if you looked great in your bikini or even felt confident enough about the way you looked to wear a bikini, right?
Well, let me tell you…overall weight does not have much to do with either of these.  A female colleague of mine who owns a Pilates Centre, tips the scales in the mid 70kg range (she is quite tall) – yet both men and women would agree she has pretty much a perfect body.  How come?
Because she’s got great muscle mass (and very low body fat).  As you may know… muscle weighs more than fat, which pushes up her ‘overall weight’.  Plus her cellular hydration is over 60% which means she has extra weight in the form of water (which means more energy) which she definitely has and needs…leading over 20 pilates classes a week and running her own business.
All that muscle mass, means that her Basal Metabolic Rate (the amount of calories she burns doing nothing) is very high.


The problem with bathroom scales and using your ‘overall weight’ as a measure is…muscle is heavy and so when people improve their eating habits or exercise, one of the first things that happens is their muscle mass increases (once again this is great!).  However, if they are using their bathroom scales to measure their success – they will often be shocked that although they’ve been eating better and exercising, they have put on weight!!  This is often enough to break any motivation they had to change their eating habits, when in reality their eating improvements had been working, they had just been increasing their muscle mass faster than they were losing fat.
The best way to measure and monitor your health…
Throw away your bathroom scales, and start using a Body Composition Machine!  A Body Composition Machine uses the latest technology to send a small current through your body, and based on the resistance…can give you very accurate levels of muscle mass, body fat, cellular hydration, basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn doing nothing), metabolic age (that’s a really fun one!) and even an estimation of your bone density.

A top of the line Tanita BC 601 – SD


You then have accurate information about your change in nutrition and lifestyle habits, that you can measure and consistently monitor to see what works well for you.
I feel everyone who is serious about losing ‘weight’ (fat) or getting healthy should be using a Body Composition Machine – that’s why in my Life Changing Online Programme‘ I give the machines away!
The one other thing you need to be aware of with Body Composition Machines…is that they are not all the same.  A number of years ago I aligned myself with Tanita as I had tried many other brands of Body Composition Machine and they were different everytime you stood on them!!  Which is worse than useless because you get bad feedback (which is worse than no feedback).  Therefore, I only use and recommend Tanita Body Composition Machines and they are incredibly reasonable starting at $139.

Here’s to you and your muscle mass!

Ben Warren


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