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Green tea enhances belly fat loss!

We all know about the fantastic antioxidants found in Green Tea (that’s why I put it in my BePure ONE).

The latest research now shows that green tea can be beneficial for weight loss too! In a study of 132 overweight subjects given either green tea extract or a placebo, the green tea group had significantly improved abdominal (belly) fat loss and reduced serum triglycerides (that’s good too). [1]

It is believed that green tea promotes thermogenesis.  Thermogenesis involves your body increasing energy burning through brown fat cells – the result…More energy, feeling warmer and body fat loss! There are many foods that are thermogenic and I get into these in great detail in my BePure VIP Health Club. A study supporting this has found that green tea increased resting energy expenditure and fat oxidation – great news! [2]

I alternate between a couple of green teas – an organic gunpowder green tea and this Japanese lime green – give it a try!



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2 – Auvichayapat et al.  Effectiveness of green tea on weight reduction in obese Thais: A randomised, controlled trail.  Phsiol Behav.  2008 Feb 27;93(3):486-91

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