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Troubleshooting for those with iPad & iPhone Apple Devices to access the Life Changing Program

For those  wanting to use an iPad or iPhone to access their life changing program you will need to download the “Puffin App”.

The instructions to do so and then how to use the app are instructed below.

Find your “App Store Icon” and tap to enter

app screen














In the search bar type “puffin web browser free”




searching puffin














puffin free web browser














puffin download













Tap the download icon, this is the cloud with the downward arrow, this will begin downloading. Once downloaded tap to “Open”


download puffin













search function














Above is the home screen you will get when you open the Puffin Web Browser, tap the blue search box and type (if you leave out the www. you will only get a search engine function)



on the iphone you will have to scoll over to see my bepure














On the iphone this is the screen(above)  you will get and you will have to scroll across the page to get to the tab that you need, on the iPad the whole screen will come up no adjustments necessary.




my bepure














You will want the “My BePure” tab and from the drop down box the “BePure Information Hub”




ipad home page














login page













From here (above) you can log in with your User Name: The email address you used when you signed up to BePure and your Password you will find issued in your Welcome email to the “Life changing program”. If this was not the case please ring or email us so that we can fix the problem for you.


I would also recommend bookmarking this page. This can be found on the right hand side of the screen and the icon is three vertical white dots. Here select the Bookmark icon and save the page for easier access in the future.

When logging in it will also prompt you to save your username and password, I would recommend doing this, so that you do not have to look it up or type it in each time. You also have the option to change your password once you have logged in to your programme under your “account” “edit your profile”.



how it looks on home page of login













When you log you are taken to the home page, from here  you will need to tap the “Life Changing Programme” Tab



lifechanging program screen













The first Module will be open; to access a module tap the underlined subject line



video ipad













Tap the video to play, to make the video large use your fingers to zoom into the page




video in puffin











To download the PDF file at the bottom of each module, tap to download and select “this device” or “google drive”. Which ever you choose, you can always access your downloads, by going into your control panel/centre on the right hand side of the browser : the three vertical dots, tap downloads to access the PDF documents you have saved.
I find it easier to use Google Drive as you can then print from your device if your printer is set up for wireless print.




download buttondownload devicesaved file google drive save

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5 Signs you have Adrenal Fatigue

Are you tired for no reason even after a good nights sleep?

Are you sensitive to sunlight and need sunglasses?

Do you constantly have afternoon lows?

Do you crave salty or sweet snacks?

Do you not get hungry until 10am?


adrenal-fatigue pic













Stress related Adrenal Fatigue is so common that an estimated 80% of people in western world suffer from it at some time in their lives.

Because so many people are struggling with a lack of energy, feeling run down and simply not their best – I wanted to make September ‘Adrenal Fatigue Awareness Month’.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions above, chances are your adrenal glands and body need some support and repair, please take a moment to read this important information.


What is Adrenal Fatigue?













The adrenal glands are two very small but very important little glands which are hormone-producing powerhouses.

Adrenal fatigue is basically, where over time, your adrenal glands are no longer able to effectively make essential hormones you need to function optimally – primarily cortisol. Cortisol, your daytime hormone, helps modulate your immune system, anti-inflammatory responses, nervous system, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and gives you energy.

When you can no longer produce the right ratios of cortisol and other hormones you then experience adrenal burn-out / fatigue.

Click Here for a link to my quick adrenal fatigue questionnaire


What Causes Adrenal Fatigue?


There are many reasons why so many people are suffering from degrees of adrenal fatigue.

Being a parent; having a busy job; always on the go; pressure to perform in sport, study or career; nutritional deficiencies; re-living past events or emotions over and over again; an injury or accident etc etc, can all over time effect your adrenal glands (and entire endocrine system).











For many people even when the ‘stress’ stops the fatigue can persist (for years in some cases).

It is not natural to feel tired and worn out and constantly having to drag yourself through the day!!

For me having heaps of energy is everything. If you don’t have the energy and motivation to achieve the things you want in life and to have fun, it can be a bit of a struggle….but you don’t have to continue to suffer.


How do you recover from adrenal fatigue?

As mentioned the adrenal glands are crucial for the production of hormones (chemical messengers) your body needs to survive and thrive. When dealing with adrenal fatigue we have to look at a person holistically – addressing diet, nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle, thoughts and emotions.


‘My Top Five Tips for adrenal fatigue’


1) Rest and Repair

rest and repair









Taking time to stop and really ‘switch off’, is something we rarely find time to do in a busy, fast-paced modern life with a constant to do list.

Some people try and have time to relax but often feel guilty for doing ‘nothing’, or the mind keeps racing with worries about money, family, career, weight, relationships troubles etc.

Some use television, alcohol and other social activities to ‘relax’. I am not saying all this should be banned, however taking time to slow the body and mind down and be in the present moment is fundamental for allowing a state of ‘rest and repair’ as apposed to ‘fight and flight’.

Taking time to practice diaphragmatic breathing allows the body stop needing to produce extra stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol to get through the day, and focus on other essential body functions necessary for you to have more energy and vitality and a strong immune system.


2) High levels of nutrients for the adrenal glands











Stress is very demanding on your body and requires a lot more nutrients. Every time you experience stress, whether it is physical or emotional, your adrenal glands must respond by producing stress hormones (that help you prepare for the threat).

Your body doesn’t know the difference between preparing for battle, running from a predator or sitting at your desk ‘stressing’ about all the work you have to do or what your boss might think.

Hormone production requires high levels of specific nutrients that the average diet does not supply nearly enough of. Stress can deplete the nutrient reserves in your adrenal glands and fatigue your overworked adrenals.

Even if one nutrient is deficient or missing, the adrenal glands cannot manufacture and secrete the necessary quantities of hormones to cope optimally with stress and make you feel your best.

The adrenal glands need high amounts of nutrients including B vitamins, zinc, vitamin E, magnesium and especially vitamin C.

Even on a really healthy diet our food no longer provides the levels we need to function optimally, let alone repair!

This is why I have had so much success helping people recover from adrenal fatigue by using BePure ONE, Super Boost C and Adrenal Regenerator.


3) Avoid Caffeine

Coffee cup with burlap sack of roasted beans










When you consume caffeine, it then initiates uncontrolled neuron firing in your brain, according to Stephen Cherniske in his book, Caffeine Blues. This excess neuron activity triggers your pituitary gland to secrete a hormone that tells your adrenal glands to produce adrenalin (natural news).

So essentially caffeine puts your body into ‘fight-flight’ mode. A constant caffeine intake can produce similar effects on the body like being constantly on alert during war.

I recommend you have no more than 1 coffee a day – ideally aim to only have 1 per week to allow you adrenal gland to repair.


4) Eat to stabilise your blood sugar levels











It’s very hard for a person to have normal energy and to burn fat when their metabolism is not working effectively. The more dysfunctional your adrenal and thyroid glands are – the harder it is to stabilise your blood sugar levels.

As many of you know, an underlying principle of my work is that unstable blood sugar levels are damaging to your health.

Unstable blood sugar levels are not effecting just overweight, diabetic people who eat a lot of sugar.  Individuals who experience lack of energy, irritability, weakness etc. no matter what their weight, are likely to have unstable blood sugar levels (even if they think they are eating a really healthy diet).

I cannot encourage you enough to eat correctly for your unique metabolic type.  My free ‘Ancestral Eating Solution’ videos are a great place to start to get this right.  Followed by a commitment to my 8 week Life Changing Programme (free when you buy BePure ONE and THREE on autoship).

Click here to get the Ancestral Eating Solution FREE

Note: If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, keep in mind that intermittent fasting such as skipping breakfast is not a good idea because this acts as another stressor on the body and causes unstable blood sugar levels.


5) Adrenal Regenerator and extra vitamin C














I created the Adrenal Regenerator to provide uniquely bioavailable building blocks to naturally support adrenal gland function for modern life.

Adrenal Regenerator is a 100% whole food nutritional supplement. It contains specific protein building blocks found in pasture fed, New Zealand, prime beef adrenal glands.

Traditional cultures have revered the adrenal glands for bringing strength and vitality to the tribe. Dr. Francis Pottenger as early as the 1930’s recognised the immune supporting benefits of adrenal extracts and successfully used them to support recovery and healthy adrenal gland function. Modern diets no longer contain specific organ and gland meats. BePure Adrenal Regenerator makes adding glandular foods to your diet easy and convenient.

I recommend you take at least 6 months of adrenal regenerator.  I take it daily as maintenance for a busy and on the go lifestyle.

Even if you are not sure if you have adrenal fatigue I believe taking the adrenal regenerator will benefit your health and energy levels.

Click here to learn more about BePure Adrenal Regenerator


Why extra Vitamin C?

The adrenal glands contain and need a higher concentration of vitamin C than any other organ in your body.  If your adrenal glands are suffering I would recommend you get about three grams of vitamin C a day.

Even if you are not severely adrenally fatigued you will benefit from extra vitamin C in times of stress or lowered immunity. Super Boost-C is not compressed into tablets with additives, but supplied in an easily absorbed pleasant tasting powder giving the best value per gram of Vitamin C.

BePure Super Boost C, is made with the finest grade ascorbic acid which is buffered with the essential minerals calcium and magnesium to make it easy on the stomach, MOST IMPORTANTLY Super Boost C has the crucial natural ratios of bioflavonoids to Vitamin C of 1 to 2. Super Boost C also contains 26mg of Zinc.


Final note…

It’s important to remember that once you restore your adrenal health — a process that can takes months or even years, depending on the severity — you need to maintain lower stress, healthy lifestyle, or you risk working your adrenals to the point of exhaustion once again. Quite simply, slow down, give yourself permission to relax, and have fun spending time doing whatever it is you love doing :)


Please give us a call on 0800 873 787 if you have any questions.  I want you to feel better and enjoy every part of your life and your adrenal glands control everything that is fun.


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What foods or supplements should I take to help recovery from an operation

Q: What foods or supplements should I take to help recovery from an operation


A:  Going into the operation I would recommend you get your base levels of nutrients up with BePure ONE and a high quality Cod Liver oil like Blue Ice.  They will all really, really help…. I would also look at the following…

Obviously all the BePure Principles will support the immune system and cartilage regeneration but there are a few foods and supplements that will really help….

Bone and chicken broths will really help provide the glycoaminoglycans that your body uses to rebuild the ligaments  (Joint flex would also be very useful in this case, click here to view)
If a general anesthetic is involved then fermented foods or foods containing beneficial bacteria such as raw milk, yoghurt, kefir or sauerkraut for rebuilding the beneficial bacteria would be great.  I would also recommend Biokult 3 capsules a day for an adult.

Post operation I would look at extra Super Boost C, as the vitamin C and zinc are heavily used in wound healing.  I would also look at up to 8 grams a day of high DHA/EPA fish oil like Hoki Mega 3 to help reduce some of the post operative inflammation – start this one week after the surgery as this amount will thin the blood and so you only want to do this once any associated bleeding has stopped….

Again if a general anesthetic is involved then I would also look at something to add extra herbal support to the liver like Liver Guard…. As general anesthetics are close to poison and will need to be processed by the liver in the coming weeks….

Good luck :)

Yours in Health,

Ben Warren


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What can I do to support my thyroid gland?

Q: What can I do to support my thyroid gland?


A:  Iodine is primarily one of the most important nutrients for thyroid function, especially seeing that most people are heavily deficient… BePure ONE will also have all the micronutrients for thyroid function, including iodine, selenium, zinc, manganese, boron, choline and B vitamins.  But for extra support in the form of iodine I recommend that you look to add kelp to your meals as you would salt or pepper, kelp not only supplies the extra iodine and trace minerals but is also high in tyrosine which is combined with iodine to make your thyroid hormone thyroxine (T4).  Click here to view the kelp in the BePure store….

A secondary role of the thyroid gland is to stop bacteria/viruses and other antigens tagged by your immune system from getting to the brain.  I have found that most often poor thyroid function is also associated with gluten intolerance and so I would recommend that gluten is eliminated from the diet, as in my clinical experience this appears to be one of the bigger problems.


Yours in health,



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Is there a risk from taking probiotics and how many should I take?

Q:  I am just thinking how do you know how many capsules of probiotics a day you should take as I note on the Biokult pack it says 1 -3 ?
What is the risk of catching anything from these bugs – I guess its pretty minimal but just interested,


A: If someone has a known problem in the colon then the clinical dose is actually 6 capsules or 12 billion bacteria a day, although someone would want to build up to this dose over a week to stop a sudden die off of the unfriendly bacteria and detox reactions.  Most people feel and see a benefit in their immune system and bowels from just taking one capsule a day (2 billion bacteria), although 2 capsules (4 billion baceria) is really beneficial if there is known issue with the colon eg constipation, recent food poisoning.

Regarding catching anything from these bacteria, our body’s contain 50-100 trillion bacteria mostly housed in the colon (that’s 10 times the number of human cells we have) so ironically we are more bacteria than human :)  I body’s are fully integrated with our bacteria within us, so much so that our body is consantly testing the bacterial levels in the gut and directing the immune system to respond accordingly, based on the results of the test.  If there are a lot of unfriendly bacteria then our body will up-regulate the immune response.  Certain strains of bacteria have been scientifically shown to be beneficial meaning it looks like we have evolved together with them in a symbiotic relationship, where they actually help make us healthier – through a number of mechanisms including; making B vitamins for us, making minerals more available for us, competing with unfriendly bacteria like certain strains of E coli and making specific acids like butyric acid to keep the cells lining the colon healthy… The bacterial strains in BioKult are these healthy strains and therefore you need not have any concern over catching anything from them….


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