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Growing vege’s with 3- 5 times the nutrition…

Just had a great farm visit from Phyllis Tichinin.  Phyllis is the National education manager and soil consultant for the biological farming outfit, Abron.


New Zealand is poised at the fore front of the agricultural world embracing biological farming, a holistic system of food production with the primary aim to produce as nutrient dense food as possible for human consumption.

The reason New Zealand is in this position….

Phyllis –  With unwavering determination, Phyllis was responsible for the top soil agronomists and holistic thinkers to come to New Zealand to educate our already, on to it farmers, about mineral density, living soil systems and the resulting improvement in animal and human health.  And her years of hard work are now paying off.   Phyllis has been a personal friend for many years, hence I’ve been on the enjoying the ride during that time.


Phyllis performing some ‘field’ soil tests.


Since we’ve been using Abrons products and following Phyllis’s advice the nutrient density of our produce has increased dramatically – it’s not unusual for our tomatoes to have 3- 4 times the nutrients than the tomatoes found in the supermarket.  Yesterday, our lettuces tested over 4 times more nutritious than a lettuce found in the supermarket!  And you know what?  You can taste the difference!

How have we been able to do this?  Well that’s probably a book, but for a number of years we have been re-mineralising the soil using Abron Hi-Nutrition Soil Conditioner.  This unique fertiliser supplies the mineral and biological building blocks for thriving beneficial soil microbes.  The key to healthy plants, nutrient dense foods and healthy humans.  When we started using the Hi-Nutrition Soil Conditioner – it did not have a name and was not available to the public.  It has only recently become available to the public primarily through the BePure store, because Phyllis and I believed it should be available to every family.


The Vegetable Garden is Lynda’s domain (my incredible wife).  Pictured with Isabella – who loves to roam the vege’ garden eating flowers and other ‘goodies.’





We have Or (yes, that’s his name), our BePure Farm manager, to thank for his applying of the Hi-nutrition Soil Conditioner among folier feeding and biodynamic applications.  Or is like part of the scenery around here, the terraces and him meld into one like he’s always meant to have been tending them.


Or and my second daughter Macy in the kitchen at the Farm.





Another contributing factor to the improvement in our soil condition and plant performance this year was the fact we triple dug our whole vegetable garden last winter.  We dug the soil to a depth of nearly a metre, this enables the roots to easier access to minerals and water deeper in the soil.  The results have been outstanding, as witnessed by the penetrometer testing yesterday.


This year the penetrometer easily entered the soil to a depth of 500mm with very little resistance.  A great sign for uncompacted soil and plant root access.




We know that the quicker you can get the food out of the ground, or off the tree, and into your body, the more nutrition it will have.  So, even if you don’t remineralise your soil, you should be thinking about a vegetable garden for both your own health and your family’s.  Here’s an examples of a broccoli we harvested earlier in the year…it was huge!!


If you live in New Zealand and want the ultimate organic/nutrient dense gardening book than look no further than the Koanga Garden Guide (available from BePure). We still use this guide weekly to see what, where and how we should be planting.  This book would be a must have survival guide if the wheels were to fall off the modern world!

Happy gardening

Much love



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