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What’s the best water to drink and why?


With water and hydration being such an integral factor when it comes to weight loss, maintaining great energy and health…

We’ve dedicated this last week to helping people stay hydrated and drinking the best water.

In this article I’ve put together my responses to our most frequently asked questions around water and dehydration.

So grab a nice big glass of purified water, drink up and enjoy.


water week_drink


Why is it important to be hydrated?


Water and the electromagnetic relationship that water brings within your body is what helps the blood flow throughout your body.

If you imagine your cells where like a grape, you want a nice plump grape… but when you become dehydrated that grape starts shrinking up and becomes like a raisin, at that point the ability for the cell to do its job is heavily compromised.

If someone’s dehydrated they’re going to be missing out on energy production, they might think they’re hungry and be craving energy from food, which can cause us to overeat.

When you start looking at health concerns, hayfever and asthma are associated with dehydration, and then you start looking at longer-term health concerns – heart disease is directly related to dehydration.

In one study people who drank more than 5 glasses of water had less than half the risk of heart disease than people who drank under two glasses a day.


How can you test to see if you’re dehydrated?


water week_pinch


Here’s a great little test to see if you’re dehydrated. Many people are shocked they can’t ‘pinch an inch’ on their lower spine.

If you can pinch an inch you’re above 50% hydration, if you can’t pinch an inch you’re dehydrated and need to drink more water.

The other way you can test is through a body composition machine and that measures the cellular and extra cellular hydration levels within the body.


So how much water should we be drinking each day?


water week_glass


A basic guide I recommend is 0.033 x your body weight (kg) = litres of water.


60 kg = 2 litres

75 kg = 2.5 litres

90 kg= 3 litres

105 kg = 3.5 litres


What’s the best water to drink?


Like all things there’s different qualities of water.

The best water to drink is pure, mineralized and slightly alkaline (read on to see how to get this water).

Most of our diet and lifestyles are slightly more acidic which can cause a whole bunch of different functions within the body to not work as well, like the digestive system and kidney function for example, so we want slightly more alkaline mineralised water.


Should I drink tap water?


Tap water’s not going to cut it.

Most tap water is going to have chlorine and fluoride, and both of these can be problematic.

Chlorine: is basically like a mild bleach that has a bad taste and has been put in water to kill any bad bacteria, and when you start drinking a lot of it, it starts killing the bacteria in your mouth and gut.

Flouride: blocks iodine in the body. With 72 pathways of iodine in the body, anywhere iodine should be doing its job you’re going to get decreased function because of the fluoride.

Water and weight loss

A few years ago when I was running two weekend seminars a month to a group of 150 people in Napier and 150 people in Havelock North, we discovered something really interesting…

The Napier group was losing a lot more weight than the Havelock North group, even though they were following the exact same 12 week programme.

It took me a while to narrow it down to the fact the fluoride in the Havelock water was affecting the weight loss results. Napiers water has much lower levels of fluoride than the water in Havelock North. We then got the Havelock group to drink filtered water and their weight loss started to improve.

So what you want to do is run your water through a filter that’s going to take away the chlorine and reduce the fluoride, then add some minerals and slightly alkalise the water.


What water filters do you recommend?


It took me 4 years of research to find water filters that I now use and recommend.

Depending on people’s situation we have a range to suit different lifestyles…

If you’re renting or just want a mobile water jug filter to clean, restructure and alkalise your drinking water then you have the choice of this intro level jug ($65) or I use this one ($189)

If you live in the country, have clean water already, and want an under bench filter then you just need a filter to restructure and re-mineralise (alkalise) your water then use this one ($285)

If you live in the city and want an under bench filter to knock out chlorine, restructure and alkalise your water then use this one ($472)
If you live in the country and need a water filter to knock out bacteria, restructure and alkalise your water then use this one ($499)
If you live in an area with Fluoridated water then you’re going to need this filter…. ($649).
If you have any questions about the type of filters that might suit you, please feel free to contact us on 0800 873 787 or email

Is it ok to drink from plastic bottles?


The problem with plastic bottles is that the plastic leeches chemicals like pcb’s dioxins which are xeno-estrogenic and it mimics estrogen, and so then when you start getting too much estrogen it blocks the estrogen receptor sites which then means your body essentially becomes insulin resistant which makes it very difficult for your body to lose fat.

So I recommend once you’ve had your water filtered, you drink out of a glass bottle or a stainless steel bottle that you can take with you so you’re minimising the estrogen load…

These are the stainless steel bottles we use here at BePure.


Plastic bottles and weight loss

I did a talk about 10 years ago now at a Pilates centre just on water, and we got them drinking more water and moving away from drinking out of plastic bottles and onto drinking out of glass or stainless steel bottles. It was 59 women, and 1 guy (this was before Pilates was cool for guys)…

I spoke to the owner of the centre 6 weeks later and she said that was the biggest weight loss she’d seen in a group ever (just from drinking more water and switching to drinking out of glass or stainless steel bottles).


That’s all for now, if you have any other questions about water or hydration you can head over to our Facebook page (Ben Warren’s BePure Health Revolution), give us a call on 0800 873 787 or email


Yours in health and happiness,

Ben Warren


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5 Signs you have Adrenal Fatigue

Are you tired for no reason even after a good nights sleep?

Are you sensitive to sunlight and need sunglasses?

Do you constantly have afternoon lows?

Do you crave salty or sweet snacks?

Do you not get hungry until 10am?


adrenal-fatigue pic













Stress related Adrenal Fatigue is so common that an estimated 80% of people in western world suffer from it at some time in their lives.

Because so many people are struggling with a lack of energy, feeling run down and simply not their best – I wanted to make September ‘Adrenal Fatigue Awareness Month’.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions above, chances are your adrenal glands and body need some support and repair, please take a moment to read this important information.


What is Adrenal Fatigue?













The adrenal glands are two very small but very important little glands which are hormone-producing powerhouses.

Adrenal fatigue is basically, where over time, your adrenal glands are no longer able to effectively make essential hormones you need to function optimally – primarily cortisol. Cortisol, your daytime hormone, helps modulate your immune system, anti-inflammatory responses, nervous system, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and gives you energy.

When you can no longer produce the right ratios of cortisol and other hormones you then experience adrenal burn-out / fatigue.

Click Here for a link to my quick adrenal fatigue questionnaire


What Causes Adrenal Fatigue?


There are many reasons why so many people are suffering from degrees of adrenal fatigue.

Being a parent; having a busy job; always on the go; pressure to perform in sport, study or career; nutritional deficiencies; re-living past events or emotions over and over again; an injury or accident etc etc, can all over time effect your adrenal glands (and entire endocrine system).











For many people even when the ‘stress’ stops the fatigue can persist (for years in some cases).

It is not natural to feel tired and worn out and constantly having to drag yourself through the day!!

For me having heaps of energy is everything. If you don’t have the energy and motivation to achieve the things you want in life and to have fun, it can be a bit of a struggle….but you don’t have to continue to suffer.


How do you recover from adrenal fatigue?

As mentioned the adrenal glands are crucial for the production of hormones (chemical messengers) your body needs to survive and thrive. When dealing with adrenal fatigue we have to look at a person holistically – addressing diet, nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle, thoughts and emotions.


‘My Top Five Tips for adrenal fatigue’


1) Rest and Repair

rest and repair









Taking time to stop and really ‘switch off’, is something we rarely find time to do in a busy, fast-paced modern life with a constant to do list.

Some people try and have time to relax but often feel guilty for doing ‘nothing’, or the mind keeps racing with worries about money, family, career, weight, relationships troubles etc.

Some use television, alcohol and other social activities to ‘relax’. I am not saying all this should be banned, however taking time to slow the body and mind down and be in the present moment is fundamental for allowing a state of ‘rest and repair’ as apposed to ‘fight and flight’.

Taking time to practice diaphragmatic breathing allows the body stop needing to produce extra stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol to get through the day, and focus on other essential body functions necessary for you to have more energy and vitality and a strong immune system.


2) High levels of nutrients for the adrenal glands











Stress is very demanding on your body and requires a lot more nutrients. Every time you experience stress, whether it is physical or emotional, your adrenal glands must respond by producing stress hormones (that help you prepare for the threat).

Your body doesn’t know the difference between preparing for battle, running from a predator or sitting at your desk ‘stressing’ about all the work you have to do or what your boss might think.

Hormone production requires high levels of specific nutrients that the average diet does not supply nearly enough of. Stress can deplete the nutrient reserves in your adrenal glands and fatigue your overworked adrenals.

Even if one nutrient is deficient or missing, the adrenal glands cannot manufacture and secrete the necessary quantities of hormones to cope optimally with stress and make you feel your best.

The adrenal glands need high amounts of nutrients including B vitamins, zinc, vitamin E, magnesium and especially vitamin C.

Even on a really healthy diet our food no longer provides the levels we need to function optimally, let alone repair!

This is why I have had so much success helping people recover from adrenal fatigue by using BePure ONE, Super Boost C and Adrenal Regenerator.


3) Avoid Caffeine

Coffee cup with burlap sack of roasted beans










When you consume caffeine, it then initiates uncontrolled neuron firing in your brain, according to Stephen Cherniske in his book, Caffeine Blues. This excess neuron activity triggers your pituitary gland to secrete a hormone that tells your adrenal glands to produce adrenalin (natural news).

So essentially caffeine puts your body into ‘fight-flight’ mode. A constant caffeine intake can produce similar effects on the body like being constantly on alert during war.

I recommend you have no more than 1 coffee a day – ideally aim to only have 1 per week to allow you adrenal gland to repair.


4) Eat to stabilise your blood sugar levels











It’s very hard for a person to have normal energy and to burn fat when their metabolism is not working effectively. The more dysfunctional your adrenal and thyroid glands are – the harder it is to stabilise your blood sugar levels.

As many of you know, an underlying principle of my work is that unstable blood sugar levels are damaging to your health.

Unstable blood sugar levels are not effecting just overweight, diabetic people who eat a lot of sugar.  Individuals who experience lack of energy, irritability, weakness etc. no matter what their weight, are likely to have unstable blood sugar levels (even if they think they are eating a really healthy diet).

I cannot encourage you enough to eat correctly for your unique metabolic type.  My free ‘Ancestral Eating Solution’ videos are a great place to start to get this right.  Followed by a commitment to my 8 week Life Changing Programme (free when you buy BePure ONE and THREE on autoship).

Click here to get the Ancestral Eating Solution FREE

Note: If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, keep in mind that intermittent fasting such as skipping breakfast is not a good idea because this acts as another stressor on the body and causes unstable blood sugar levels.


5) Adrenal Regenerator and extra vitamin C














I created the Adrenal Regenerator to provide uniquely bioavailable building blocks to naturally support adrenal gland function for modern life.

Adrenal Regenerator is a 100% whole food nutritional supplement. It contains specific protein building blocks found in pasture fed, New Zealand, prime beef adrenal glands.

Traditional cultures have revered the adrenal glands for bringing strength and vitality to the tribe. Dr. Francis Pottenger as early as the 1930’s recognised the immune supporting benefits of adrenal extracts and successfully used them to support recovery and healthy adrenal gland function. Modern diets no longer contain specific organ and gland meats. BePure Adrenal Regenerator makes adding glandular foods to your diet easy and convenient.

I recommend you take at least 6 months of adrenal regenerator.  I take it daily as maintenance for a busy and on the go lifestyle.

Even if you are not sure if you have adrenal fatigue I believe taking the adrenal regenerator will benefit your health and energy levels.

Click here to learn more about BePure Adrenal Regenerator


Why extra Vitamin C?

The adrenal glands contain and need a higher concentration of vitamin C than any other organ in your body.  If your adrenal glands are suffering I would recommend you get about three grams of vitamin C a day.

Even if you are not severely adrenally fatigued you will benefit from extra vitamin C in times of stress or lowered immunity. Super Boost-C is not compressed into tablets with additives, but supplied in an easily absorbed pleasant tasting powder giving the best value per gram of Vitamin C.

BePure Super Boost C, is made with the finest grade ascorbic acid which is buffered with the essential minerals calcium and magnesium to make it easy on the stomach, MOST IMPORTANTLY Super Boost C has the crucial natural ratios of bioflavonoids to Vitamin C of 1 to 2. Super Boost C also contains 26mg of Zinc.


Final note…

It’s important to remember that once you restore your adrenal health — a process that can takes months or even years, depending on the severity — you need to maintain lower stress, healthy lifestyle, or you risk working your adrenals to the point of exhaustion once again. Quite simply, slow down, give yourself permission to relax, and have fun spending time doing whatever it is you love doing :)


Please give us a call on 0800 873 787 if you have any questions.  I want you to feel better and enjoy every part of your life and your adrenal glands control everything that is fun.


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10 Secrets To Eliminate Joint Pain

Do you constantly suffer joint pain or back pain?

I see a lot of people who struggle through the day with pain.

Many of them are resigned to the fact it is genetic or part of the ageing process and rely on taking constant pain killers (with joint supplements offering no noticeable improvements).

But it doesn’t have to be that way, we can be pain free to enjoy our lives, and nutrition is the key to this…

So… I wanted to give you the 10 most important things you need to know for joint health and the prevention of arthritis.

1)  Why joint supplements might not work?

Our modern lifestyle means it is hard to get enough nutrients from our food and therefore we do not have the enzyme co-factors needed to support joint health.

If you don’t have these enzyme co-factors including boron, selenium and vitamin D to start with, there is no point in taking a joint product such as glucosamine and chondroitin as these rely on other nutrients to work.

There are also a number of other essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which work synergistically to reduce inflammation.

2)  Eliminate gluten, sugar and processed all processed grainrefined-grains

I would highly recommend if you have any problems with joint or muscle pain – you eliminate gluten and refined sugar completely from your diet.

This will help you avoid elevated insulin and leptin levels, which can lead to or exacerbate inflammation in your body. Without sugar and processed grains you will radically reduce inflammatory prostagladins.

3)  Relieving musculoskeletal pain with Antioxidant Vitamins A, C, E and the mineral Selenium

The antioxidant properties of Vitamins A, C and E and the mineral selenium in the right levels are fantastic free radical scavengers, meaning they mop up the unstable molecules with missing or extra electrons that attack tissue such as cartilage or joint tissue and cause inflammation.

A high intake of vitamin C reduces the risk of cartilage loss and slows the progression of osteoarthritis. Vitamin E also protects and enhances cartilage formation.

BePure ONE is a unique multivitamin because it contains high levels of antioxidants and 214% of your daily intake of selenium (needed because New Zealand soils are so deficient in selenium).

VitaminD-Sun4)  Vitamin D

Vitamin D is taken for granted and is assumed plentiful in a healthy diet and sun exposure, unfortunately very few foods naturally contain vitamin D and it can only synthesize between 10am-3pm in summer. Vitamin D controls the DNA of all cells in addition to strengthening bones and preventing osteoporosis, so it is no wonder that low vitamin D has a direct correlation to developing autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. Make sure to get your vitamin D checked it should be >80nmol for general population and >120nmol those with type 2 diabetes and autoimmune disorders.

 BePure ONE and THREE combined contains 1600 I.U of Vitamin D3 per serve.


BePure THREE Image5) Omega 3 essential fatty acids

The joint inflammation that accompanies osteoarthritis is regulated in large part by essential fatty acids and the ratio of these fats in the diet can either promote or hinder inflammation.

With modern diets being so high in pro-inflammatory omega 6’s, a concentrated DHA/EPA Omega 3 fish oil supplement like BePure Three is essential for arthritis and joint health as it supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory responses and can reduce joint pain and swelling.

EPA stimulates the production of beneficial eicosanoids that naturally reduce inflammation and the Harvard Medical School has promoted Omega 3 fatty acids as an effective tool for lessening the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

nightshade-plants6) Eliminate nightshade vegetables

Nightshades produce a particular group of substances called alkaloids.  Although the level in vegetables is very low, some individuals are highly sensitive and this can be a major reason for joint pain. The alkaloids get deposited in the synovial fluid around joints, which the immune system then attacks causing inflammation and joint pain.

Nightshade vegetables include potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers to name a few.  Research indicates as many as 1 in 3 arthritis sufferers may be intolerant to the nightshade vegetables.

Vitamin-K2-Strong-Bones-and-Healthy-Heart7) Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is essential for keeping calium in the bones where it should be rather than depositing it in joints and arteries.

When you consume calcium it goes everywhere and anywhere in the body and if you do not have enough vitamin K2 this calcium will not be pushed into the bones but rather be laid in joint and arteries wheere it can build up and cause problems. When taken together vitamins K2, D and A all help to reduce rheumatoid arthritis and more.

According to Dr. Cees Vermeer, nearly everyone is deficient in vitamin K2. To be getting adequate amounts of K2 from your diet you have to be eating lots of fermented foods – fermented natto (which is in BePure One) has by far the highest levels of K2. Vitamin K2 is not stored in the body and I know of no other product on the market that has vitamin K2.


8) Boronboron 3

Low boron levels increase your risk of developing arthritis and in places like New Zealand where the soil is very boron-deficient this is a great concern.

Boron protects the cell from becoming a free radical, it also is essential in repairing damaged cartilage and promotes cellular repair of cartilage tissues.  Boron also maintains the integrity of the membrane surrounding the cartilage around joints.

BePure ONE contains 2.5mg of Boron as Boron Glycinate (a very usable form) per serve.

9) Bone broth and anti-inflammatory foods

bone-broth-1There was a time, not long ago when bone broth was included in nearly every meal, and provided the base for soups, gravies and stews. However this practice has slowly died
out.  Bones broths are loaded with collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid.

As long as you have the enzyme co-factors, these nutrients are able to stimulate fibroblasts which lay down collagen in the joints, tendons, ligaments and even the arteries.

Other great anti-Inflammatory foods include:

Turmeric: this powerful Asian spice contains a natural anti-inflammatory compound, curcumin, which is often found in curry blends. It is said to have the same effect as over-the counter pain relievers (but without the side effects).

Ginger: contains a host of health benefits. Among them, it helps reduce inflammation and control blood sugar. Ginger tea is a great addition to any diet.

Garlic: can help reduce inflammation, regulate glucose and help your body fight infection.

Sweet Potato: a great source of complex carbs, fibre, beta-carotene, manganese and vitamin B6 and C.

10) Latest super nutrients

With the new formula of BePure ONE I added powerful nutrients which will help joint and muscle pain including vitamin K2, resveratrol, MSM and even more bioflavonoids.

I was determined to add all these extra nutrients and keep the price at $88 for those on autoship…  (the bottle now contains 25% more and contains these important added nutrients).

Vitamin K2 essential for keeping calcium in the bones where it should be rather than depositing it in joints and arteries.

MSM is an essential building block for healthy joints, it delivers sulphur to the body in a usable way and the sulphur helps to maintain the structure of the connective tissue and cartilage. MSM also helps with the elimination of waste products such as lactic acid, therefore relieving aches and pains.

Resveratrol – new research has shown resveratrol has the ability to reduce chronic inflammation and oxidative stress by increasing anti-inflammatory cytokines and reducing pro-inflammatory molecules (which are the root cause of auto-immune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis).


For more information on BePure ONE (the ultimate daily supplement containing your optimal vitamins, minerals and antioxidants on a raw, organic superfood base) click here.

Make sure you get in touch with us if you have any questions – we have qualified nutritional consultants on board to help answer your questions – 0800 873 787.

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Powerful nutrients now in BePure ONE

BePure has been on the market 4 years and everyday I am blown away by the feedback and results people get from it.  And now I am very excited to announce the NEW and IMPROVED formula of BePure ONE.  You get an extra 25% more capsules plus important added nutrients at no extra cost!

As part of my continuous commitment and quest to have the best quality, all-in-ONE muli-vitamin, multi-mineral, antioxidant, super-food supplement available on the market, at the best price; I have gone to extra lengths to get added beneficial nutrients included to BePure ONE. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that the new formula is here and what this means for your health.

What I added to make New Zealand’s best Multivitamin supplement even better and more powerful?

RESVERATROL  – For healthy aging 

Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant which has been shown to reduce the effects of aging, it’s also helps normalize your anti-inflammatory response.

Animal studies have shown that resveratrol helped overweight mice run farther and live about 20 percent longer. It has even been found to increase the lifespan of human cells. (1)

Resveratrol is unique among antioxidants because it can cross the blood-brain barrier to help protect your brain and nervous system, and studies show benefits include:

  • Protecting cells from inflammation and free radical damage
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Heart health and improving elasticity in your blood vessels
  • Helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. (1)

Alpha Lipoic AcidFor brain function.

Another potent antioxidant which your body uses to regenerate other antioxidants.  ALA can pass easily into the brain, it can protect the brain and nervous tissue helping maintain optimal brain function.

Alpha-lipoic acid is one of the most powerful antioxidants because it is both fat and water soluble so has the ability to work all over the body.  Uniquely it can also recycle other antioxidants such as vitamins C, E, and glutathione.So, when your body has used up these antioxidants, if there’s ALA around, it helps regenerate them for more use in the body.

  • Brain Function and Stroke Because alpha-lipoic acid can pass easily into the brain, it can help protect the brain and nerve tissue.  Research shows high ALA supplementation helped to mend damage done by strokes and slow the process of Alzheimer’s and dementia. (2)
  • Enhances insulin sensitivity    People with diabetes do much better when with Alpha Lipoic Acid.  Especially those with painful nerve conditions.
  • A great modifier of gene expression to reduce inflammation
  • A very potent heavy metal chelate
  •  Support Healthy skin.  (3)

Broccoli Sprout extract – For Hormonal Balance

Broccoli Sprout extract is the best source of Diindolymethane (DIM), The main reason I put DIM in BePure ONE is to up regulate the second phase of the liver to help detoxify excess estrogens from the body.

  • Reducing estrogen dominance  Women and men produce and need estrogen, however, a huge number (of both men and women) are increasingly estrogen dominant (too much estrogen accumulating in the body).  This is largely due to estrogen like chemicals, food additives, stress, nutritional deficiencies, poor liver function, high alcohol consumption and low thyroid (4,5).  How the body breaks down estrogen and gets rid of excess estrogen is vital for good health. Increasing the amount of DIM you get is one of the best ways to help you effectively excreting unwanted estrogen and get a better balance of natural estrogens in your body.
  • Cancer prevention  Due to DIM’s role in supporting detoxification of unwanted estrogen, the research for it’s use in cancer prevention is growing.  Cancers particularly influenced by excessive estrogen levels, are breast, uterine and prostate (4).  Clinical trials by the National Cancer Institute show how well DIM works compared to placebo in treating patients with breast cancer. (6)
  • Increasing the body’s natural ability to burn fat  DIM promotes weight loss by encouraging healthy levels of the hormones that activate enzymes to stimulate lipolysis – the release of stored fat. (5)
  • Inflammation  DIM supports the reduction of generalized inflammation by minimizing the activity of inflammatory enzymes and acting as an antioxidant. (5)

MSM (Methylsulphurophane) – To ease joint pain 

MSM is a biologically active sulfur donor that helps ease joint pain, improve liver function and general health.

  • Improves joints and joint pain  MSM is an essential building block for health joints.  It delivers sulfur to the body in a useable way and the sulfur helps maintain the structure of connective tissue and cartilage.
  • MSM’s also helps with the elimination of waste products – for example lactic acid removal from the body.  This therefore improves aches and pains
  • Detoxifying  MSM makes the cells more permeable, meaning that toxins and metabolic waste products get moved out of cells more efficiently while allowing essential nutrients and hydration to move in, therefore helping the load on the liver.
  • Improves skin, hair and nails  MSM works with Vitamin C in the production of collagen and keratin which builds health tissues improving sagging, wrinkled, dry and cracked skin.
  • Naturally Increases Energy  Increased cell permeability decreases the amount of energy needed to eliminate toxins and absorb nutrients.   This energy is then redistributed towards other jobs in the body such as healing.
  • Allergies/ asthma  Unlike medication antihistamines that intervene to inhibit histamine production, MSM prevents the histamine from creating swelling, inflammation and fluids in the nasal passages.  MSM has a high response rate among asthma sufferers and is said to eliminate asthma completely in 60 to 70% of asthmatics. Full results could take 3-6 months because this is primarily a healing effect rather than just symptom suppression. (7)
  • According to an article in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 55 adults took 2,600 (mg/day) of MSM for 30 days for the treatment of Seasonal Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis). The results were impressive. At day seven “Total respiratory symptoms were reduced significantly,” and it was further reported that “Energy levels increased significantly by day 14…this increase continued through day 30.” 

Maca – For hormonal balance

Maca is a superfood ‘adaptogen’ which helps balance hormones by mimicking the hormones that are required by the body.  (An adaptogen can be defined as a natural substance that is non-toxic, produces an adaptive response to stress, and improves homeostasis in the body). (8)

  • Energy  Traditionally this superfood was used by the ancient Peruvians to increase energy and endurance. This tradition is making a resurgence in Peru and throughout the world as people realize it’s powerful energizing qualities (9)
  • Increasing libido  Numerous studies have proven one of the benefits of maca root is it increases libido in both men and women. In one study of 9 men it was shown consumption of the root increased sexual desire by 180% and increased the number and mobility of sperm (9)
  • Anti-stress and anti-anxiety  Maca helps the body to remove stress hormone imbalance, making it beneficial support especially during times of stress.

Natural Glycerin capsule and glycinate chelated minerals

  • For energy and detoxification  The BePure One capsule is made out of natural glycerin.  This is because glycerin is an amino acid heavily used by the liver for detoxification and in the modern world most people are not getting enough (pigs ears are one of the best sources!).


Vitamin K2 – For healthy bones and arteries

(Vitamin K2 is so important I wrote a separate blog on it – Click here to read more..)

IMPORTANT NOTE – BePure ONE now contains 80mcg of Vitamin K2.  Extreme caution should be taken when taking Vitamin K2 with blood thinners such as warfarin.




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The Important Benefits of Vitamin K2


I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have finally been able to get naturally fermented Vitamin K2 added to the new formula of BePure One, and what this means for your health. Vitamin K2 is very different from Vitamin K1, and I know of no other product on the market in New Zealand that has Vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 for Healthy Arteries and Bones

The role of Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone) is to make sure calcium gets to the right place (our bones and teeth). If calcium is not directed into the bonesby K2, it is deposited in our soft tissues such as our arteries – causing calcification of the arteries (increasing heart disease risk).

HOW? Vitamin K2 activates a protein called Osteocalcin. This protein attracts calcium into bones and teeth. K2 also activates the protein MGP (Matrix Gla Protein) which sweeps calcium out of soft tissues like arteries and veins where it is not wanted.(1)

Dr. Cees Vermeer, one of the world’s top researchers in the field of vitamin K outlines this as the likely reason why people with the highest intakes of K2 – have much lower rates of arterial calcification and coronary heart disease. (2)

According to Dr. Cees Vermeer, nearly everyone is deficient in vitamin K2 (3). To be getting adequate amounts of K2 from your diet you have to be eating lots of fermented foods – fermented natto (in BePure One) has by far the highest levels of K2. Vitamin K2 is not stored in the body and unlike Vitamin K1 is not recycled.

Pooled evidence from seven Japanese trials show that vitamin K2 supplementation produces a 60 percent reduction in vertebral fractures and an 80 percent reduction in hip and other non-vertebral fractures. (5)

In ‘The Prospect Study’, 16,000 people were followed for 10 years. Researchers found that each additional 10 mcg of vitamin K2 in the diet results in 9 percent fewer cardiac events. (4)

Vitamin K2, wrinkles and ageing:

Vitamin K2 fights skin ageing in the same way it helps keep the elasticity of arteries and veins. A study shows high levels ofvitamin D without K2 contributes to increased wrinkles. (1)

Vitamin K2 and Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s patients have more severe vitamin K2 deficiencies than people of the same age without cognitive decline. (1)

Vitamin K2 and Cancer protection
In 2008, a German research group discovered that vitamin K2 provides substantial protection from prostate cancer. According to Dr. Vermeer, men taking the highest amounts of K2 have about 50 percent less prostate cancer (3).

The dynamic trio – Vitamin K2, Vitamin D and Vitamin A

Vitamins K2, D and A are all are needed together as a team to prevent artery calcification and improve bone density. There’s been a lot of publicity on the importance of Vitamin D and bone health (vitamin D is needed for absorption of calcium from the intestines), but without K2 ‘pushing’ it into the bones ‘calcium wanders aimlessly’(1). Studies show that taking vitamin K2 and D together improves bone density and reduces fracture risk more than either nutrient alone (1).

Both Vitamin D and Vitamin A are required to make K2 dependent proteins and when K2 removes calcium from soft tissues it is Vitamin A’s role to excrete it via the urine.

BePure ONE has 80 mcg of vitamin K2 per serving (5 capsules), in the form of naturally fermented natto as well as Vitamin A and D.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Extreme caution should be taken when taking Vitamin K2 with blood thinners such as warfarin. Please consult your Doctor before using if you are on blood thinning medication.


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