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Ben Warren the ‘Body Mechanic’

This is an account of the ‘BePure Life Changing Weekend’ kindly written and sent to us by Lisa Wilkinson


Divine intervention, universal approval, or all my ducks in a row… it what you will, I was off to the Ben Warren ‘BePure Life Changing Weekend’ in Havelock North.

Just like so many people, I have a myriad of health issues I struggle with on a day-to-day basis, robbing me of my vitality. I’m no longer bullet proof (darn it!) and with that acceptance I am also no longer ignorant of the responsibility I must take for my own health.

I have been a follower of Ben’s philosophies since watching him on the 60 minutes programme a few years back. He got results, he made sense to the layman and I enjoyed his down to earth approach and plentiful You Tube videos. No hard sell, just genuine passion about sharing his wealth of knowledge to the minions out there suffering from a host of Dis-Eases.

And now I was actually going to meet this guru of mine.

I was running a little late and was the last one to arrive, (not my favourite thing to do) so I was flustered and feeling a little vulnerable when I walked in and there he was…in the flesh! He smiled, shook my hand and welcomed me as I am sure he did with every other of the 52 participants who arrived before me.

Serves me right, last seat was up the front, so I walked the gauntlet trying to look cool calm and collected and was immediately put at ease by the lovely Kelly at my table.

I remember glancing around the room and being quite surprised at the age ranges; from early 20’s to late 60’s ish. I found that very interesting and took the opportunity during a break to ask the younger participants why they were there as they were obviously in their prime. The general feedback was that they were being proactive about their health so they could maintain a full and healthy life. Wow I was impressed and hope that their positivity rubs off on their Mac eating peers!

Ben took the floor at 8.45am and the for the entire two days was the epitome of what glorious health and vitality looks like in full flight. Great product endorsement one might say!

The schedule was grueling and made Biology 101 look likes child’s play. The man is a walking talking encyclopedia, a 21st Century ‘Bach’ who took us all on a mind boggling journey of facts and figures, questionnaires to define our metabolic type, pulse taking to identify food effects and how each aspect of the self is intricately linked, Body Mind and Spirit. I kept thinking of the little ditty that went like this…the hip bones connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bones connected etc etc.

Ben skillfully mapped out the mechanics of the body from where the fuel went in and the exhaust came out, explaining in great detail how intrinsic each body system is to the next and how we can all apply this knowledge to our own health issues.

He interwove his delivery with his own personal experiences and laced his message with humor, empathy, even a little political intrigue, and an overwhelming sense of love for all.

Both days were well catered in every way; Ben fed our minds, our bodies (regularly thanks to Ben’s love of good healthy food) and interludes for some pleasant fresh air and Zen like exercise.

During both days, each person was invited to have a private 1 to 1 consult with the other specialists in the BePure team and climb aboard the Body Composition Machine. Well that sure took the wind out of my sails! I was not in good shape. I am a 53 year old in a 68 year olds body, or a 68 year old covered in a 53 year old veneer, whichever way I tried to look at it I was horrified.

Thankfully the team helped alleviate some of my worry by prescribing nutritional and emotional support, and three weeks down the track, as I pen my experience, I do believe I have made progress and am feeling more hopeful and healthy than I have in years.

I only wish I could have bottled that feeling of shock and horror so I could pop the cork and have a whiff every time I reach for that muffin, coffee or the Friday night Gin in the future. Ben recommends we find that “One Big Thing” that will keep us on track when temptation beckons, and that’s hard to do on a daily basis. He also said the best pharmacy is your body, listen carefully. I like that analogy and could simply substitute the weight of fear for self awareness?

You just can’t take shortcuts and yes ‘Good Health’ comes at a cost, but I know that I can no longer afford NOT to make the changes in myself and my environment that will support my well being for as long as I draw breath with a smile on my face and peace within.

I would like to thank Ben and his wonderful team; Julie, Jules, Melanie and Rose. The experience was indeed Life Changing.

Bless you all

Lisa X

For more information and dates for Ben Warren’s Life Changing Weekend, click here.

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