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Solve prostate problems naturally

Out of all the diseases that men are prone to prostate cancer is the one us men are most at risk of (if we avoid the other common pitfalls that get us first).  So much so that prostate cancer will soon overtake heart disease as the largest killer of Australian men.

There are three key problems based on infection, inflammation and hypertrophy, all of which can lead to cell dysfunction and cancer.

Benign Prostate Enlargement (BPE) – is so common after the age of 50 that it is now considered “normal”.  The swelling of the doughnut can occur on either side but if it squeezes the urethra then difficulties with urination can occur.  Ten million American men currently experience any or all of the following symptoms:

–       Nocturia –frequent urination (Usually during the night).

–       Reduced amount and force of stream

–       Urinary urgency

–       Leaking or dribbling

–       Urinary retention (inability to pass urine).

The Prostate gland is more than a storage depot for sperm it also acts to protect the sperm from bacteria and viruses and therefore acts like a filter.

There are 7 main areas of focus for prostate health:

–       Improving Hormone balance

–       Neutralising microbial infections

–       Addressing toxicity from within and outside (like minimising estrogenic herbicides and pesticides)

–       Correcting mineral imbalances (eg ensuring adequate zinc.)

–       Amending diet

–       Reducing Stress

–       Recognising the sexual link (an active sex life with a singular partner, or no partner at all is associated with prostate health).

Everything in my BePure programme is designed to address these issues and therefore in this blog I’m going to focus on specific research and actions that can be taken when a prostate condition like cancer already exists….

When dealing with cancer it’s important to get as many medical opinions as possible and then choose a treatment protocol that resonates with you.  This blog is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure.

Cancer is just cell dysfunction and there’s only two things that can cause cell dysfunction, not enough nutrients and too many toxins.  When it comes to getting rid of cancer cells you can either strengthen the immune system or weaken the cancer cells so they are vulnerable to the immune system.

The second action being the main action of chemotherapy.   There are more  natural ways to target the cancer cells and weaken them.   One of them is B17 a class of nitrilosides of which amygdalin is one.  Amygdalin is obtained from the seed inside an apricot.  In the body it is broken down into a compound containing cyanide.  Cancer cells are said to contain more of the enzymes that make this conversion than normal cells and also fewer of the enzymes that disarm the cyanide.  Hence amygdalin can target cancer cells.

I personally believe the main reason why we are seeing such a huge increase in prostate cancer is because of the increase of environmental estrogens.  The PCB’s and dioxins from plastics, herbicides and pesticides are all estrogenic and our environments are literally engulfed with them.  Progesterone balances out many of the negative effects of these excess estrogens.


The first step is to get a hormone test from Patient Advocates (07 5434999) and if deficient in progesterone use 10mgs a day of natural progesterone cream a day.


Also look at the following nutritional recommendations:

–       Vitamin D – Look to maximise blood levels of vitamin D between 120nmol and 150 nmol.

–       Vitamin E, mixed tocopherols of natural source – 400IU daily

–       Selenium 200mcg a day for selenomprotein manufacture. I would recommend taking the maximum dose of BePure ONE to achieve this and also to supply the other micronutrients required for optimal immune function.

–       Lycopene 15mg a day

–       High EPA/DHA fish oil minimum 2 grams a day to reduce inflammation

–       Turmeric, One teaspoon a day or a supplement of turmeric extract curcumin.  It inhibits proliferation of cells, induces apoptosis of cancer cells and has anti-inflammatory mechanisms.

–       Saw Palmetto extract has been shown to be beneficial with anti-prostate cancer properties demonstrated in a number of pathways.

–       3 day old broccoli sprouts or DIM as a supplement to up regulate the second phase of the liver to help detoxify environmental estrogens

–       Beneficial bacteria, our immune systems are fully integrated with our beneficial bacteria.  We should be getting 10-15 servings of probiotics a day to maintain optimal levels of beneficial bacteria, these can come from raw dairy products, fermented vegetables and probiotics (biokult is one of the best, click here to view.)

–       Pomegranate Juice has been shown to have a dose dependent inhibition of cancer cell growth along with induction of apoptosis.

–       Green tea, subjects who drank 3 cups of green tea a day had a statistically significant reduction in prostate cancer.

–       Fermented wheat germ flat bread.  Ferment wheat germ and then bake at a very low temperature and eat.  Fermented wheat germ extract has been shown to decrease glucose uptake by cancer cells and induce apoptosis.

–       Raised body temperature therapy.  Your immune system works much more effectively at higher temperatures due to an increase in enzyme speed. So, either sauna daily or have hot baths and then wrap yourself in towels for 40 minutes to sweat it out…

–       Coffee enemas.  Daily coffee enemas are not only a good way to stimulate bowel movements for detoxification but they have also been shown to increase glutathione production by 400%.  Glutathione is one of the body’s most important antioxidants used throughout the body to maintain health.

–       I would also recommend some initial investigations for heavy metal toxicity through a hair mineral analysis, and progress to chelation if heavy metals are present as heavy metals block the receptor site of beneficial metals like zinc from doing their job.


If you are exhibiting symptoms of prostate problems I recommend you follow the BePure Eating diet and lifestyle recommendations and apply the above to minimise the risk of progression of the symptoms.

In health and happiness

Ben Warren

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