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Is there a risk from taking probiotics and how many should I take?

Q:  I am just thinking how do you know how many capsules of probiotics a day you should take as I note on the Biokult pack it says 1 -3 ?
What is the risk of catching anything from these bugs – I guess its pretty minimal but just interested,


A: If someone has a known problem in the colon then the clinical dose is actually 6 capsules or 12 billion bacteria a day, although someone would want to build up to this dose over a week to stop a sudden die off of the unfriendly bacteria and detox reactions.  Most people feel and see a benefit in their immune system and bowels from just taking one capsule a day (2 billion bacteria), although 2 capsules (4 billion baceria) is really beneficial if there is known issue with the colon eg constipation, recent food poisoning.

Regarding catching anything from these bacteria, our body’s contain 50-100 trillion bacteria mostly housed in the colon (that’s 10 times the number of human cells we have) so ironically we are more bacteria than human :)  I body’s are fully integrated with our bacteria within us, so much so that our body is consantly testing the bacterial levels in the gut and directing the immune system to respond accordingly, based on the results of the test.  If there are a lot of unfriendly bacteria then our body will up-regulate the immune response.  Certain strains of bacteria have been scientifically shown to be beneficial meaning it looks like we have evolved together with them in a symbiotic relationship, where they actually help make us healthier – through a number of mechanisms including; making B vitamins for us, making minerals more available for us, competing with unfriendly bacteria like certain strains of E coli and making specific acids like butyric acid to keep the cells lining the colon healthy… The bacterial strains in BioKult are these healthy strains and therefore you need not have any concern over catching anything from them….


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Top five tips for endometriosis

Q: Will taking Vitex help endometriosis?


A: It’s possible to halt the development of this condition through nutrition…. Endometriosis is primarily driven from estrogen dominance… Here are my top 5 things to do….

1 – Stabilise blood sugar levels – as unstable blood sugar levels drive insulin which drives estrogen receptors.  My Life Changing Programme is the best way to stabilise blood sugar levels
2 – Provide micronutrients for phase 2 of liver function – This includes heavy B vitamins and antioxidants of which BePure ONE  provides a great base..
3 – Minimise plastics… Including drink bottles, food containers, non-stick frying pans
4 – Improve bowel function to take the load off the liver, this would include getting the diet ‘clean’ (my Life Changing Programme will do this) plus take Biokult to support bowel health
5 – Sprout organic broccoli seeds and eat 2 tablespoons when they are 3 days old to up regulate the second phase of liver function.

Certainly taking Vitex might help as it’s beneficial for balancing hormones but I would at doing the above as well….


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Can diet help skin conditions?

Q: Can diet help skin conditions?

A: Absolutely!  Most skin conditions are immune modulated, which means that they are a function of a faulty immune system.  70% of your immune system is centered around your gut and protecting you from the food your eat.  Therefore the more you can support your immune system generally the better someone’s skin condition will be… To give you an example I recently got this email…

“Hi Ben,

Just to let you know… I love the product and have noticed a great improvement in my health – including the near disappearance of a rather unsightly skin condition that I have had for the last eight years (called Granuloma Annulare) since following your programme and taking bepureOne.



So, if you have any skin condition I highly recommend you look at improving your diet and my free Ancestral Eating Solution Programme is a great start…. Go to to learn more…


For the top nutrients for your skin check out this site …


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Reversing cateracts…

Q: Is it possible to reverse cateracts?

A: I have to say yes as a few years ago I had an incredible result with a client who was following my nutritional recommendations… She had cataracts in both eyes and they would only operate on one eye at a time and so she had the first cataract operated on…. She then came to one of my seminars, changed her diet and took my recommended supplements…  Then about 9 months later when she went back to have her other eye operated on the cataract had gone and she no longer needed the operation… She was amazed, as was I.

The supplements I recommend for this include BePure ONE, Blue Ice cod liver oil and of course all the nutritional changes in my Life Changing Online Programme.


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Dietician tells me saturated fat causes heart attacks

Q: Recently a dietician told me the following can you help explain please…

1. Saturated fat is bad because it contains 50% Trans Fat?

2. Saturated fat is bad because it causes the arteries to block?

3. Saturated fat is bad because it causes heart attacks?


A: 1. This is incorrect…. hydrogenated fat/transfat looks very similar to saturated fats and so dieticians use the two words (saturated and transfat) interchangably,  but although they look very similar the double bonds are in different positions and therefore act very differently biologically.   Ruminant fat (cow, sheep) does contain 2% transfat, but it differs considerably from hydrogenated polyunsaturated fat transfatty acids because the trans (double bond) is again in a different position.  This healthy trans fat is actually the precurser to conjugated linoleic acid which is a super fat which stops cancer among many other health benefits and so the small portion of transfat in saturated fat is probably one of the healthiest fats on the planet.

2 and 3.  Please see the following links to explain these questions….



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