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Stop Antibiotics – Breaking the vicious antibiotics cycle in children

A nine year old is on a cycle on antibiotics and then getting sick and needing more antibiotics, how do you break this cycle and stop antibiotics?

When Children have chronic immune issues it always makes me concerned about underlying issues particularly food intolerances – as they lower the threshold for the immune system for external stimuli and viruses….  Here’s what I would look to do to break the cycle…..

Eliminate gluten and dairy for 3 weeks to give her immune system a rest.  Get her on a high quality children’s multi,  Click here to view…stop antibiotics

Stop AntibioticsAlso support her immune system with 1/2 teaspoon of Super Boost C twice a day, this will provide 3000mg of vitamin C and 1500mg of bioflavanoids that essentially doubles the working capacity of the C.  If she gets loose bowel movements then lower the dosage.   Click here to view…


I would also put her on one biokult capsule 3 times a day.  Biokult has 14 strains of beneficial bacteria and so is much more powerful than most of what is sold in the shops and is cheaper :)Stop antibiotics  Click here to view…


I would expect within a couple of weeks for you to see an improvement in her immune system and this should break the antibiotics cycle and enable you to stop antibiotics.  To continue to stop antibiotics you can then keep giving her the multi, drop the vitamin C, and drop down to one biokult a day as a maintenance protocal.  Re-introduce the dairy and gluten one week apart and monitor for any thing out of the ordinary as a sign of intolerance…

In health and happiness

Ben Warren


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