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How to turn off your fat switch!

Would you like to turn off your fat switch for a week?  Lose up to 4kg of fat?

It’s true we really do have a fat switch, in fact it’s more like a gate that gets held open by two hormones to make your body store fat.  The main hormone that is controlled by food is insulin.  So when insulin is high it turns on our fat switch and makes us store fat.

Fat switch

Turn off your fat switch

So what foods should you avoid to turn off this switch?

That’s easy… foods high in sugar and starch.  High sugar foods include anything with added sugar, have a look on the packet and for every 4 grams of sugar that’s equivalent to one teaspoon of sugar.  That one teaspoon of sugar can be enough to turn on your fat switch and make you start storing fat.  Starches are found in grains and root vegetables like potatoes.  So, if you really want to turn off your fat switch I’d recommend taking all the starches and processed sugars out of your diet (even minimise fruit if you are a protein type – if you don’t know what type you are go to and register free to access to the Ancestral Eating Solution where I will take you through a macronutrient profiling test).  There’s still plenty of carbohydrates to eat as you can eat any above ground vegetables as your carbohydrate source.


What I’d recommend is setting yourself a one week challenge and see how amazing you feel plus you are going to be amazed at how much body fat you lose.  I’ve had clients lose up to 4 kg in a week simply by turning of your fat switch!



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