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The most powerful tool yet for you to experience daily success…

Hi Bepurers!

I am truly excited to announce the release of what I believe to be the most powerful tools yet to help people experience daily success.  It’s called BePure NOW and it’s a Point System to help people experience daily success implementing the BePure Principles.

I know many of you who have tried to lose weight with calorie restriction will be familiar with the concept of counting the calories of your food and measuring your success based on the score.  This is a great system the only problem being… we know that restricting calories is not the key factor for long term weight loss.  As soon as you start eating again, you gain fat quicker because you have trained your lipogenic fat cells to store fat while you were restricting your calories…check out my previous blog to learn more!!

We know that ancestral eating and the BePure way works long term, over 25,000KG lost can’t be wrong and people keep it off…because it’s a lifestyle, a way of eating…rather than a diet.  The key to success with the BePure way is applying the BePure principles into your life on a daily basis.  That’s were BePure NOW comes in…

Principles like getting enough sleep, drinking water, not skipping meals, and eating the right foods for you!  Well now you can get points for doing this on a daily basis – you actually get points for eating!!  The more points the better.  The challenge lies in trying to get over 30 points a day so you can earn you ‘BePure’ status.

Getting to bed before 10:30pm will earn you 3 points.



Just by following the BePure  base principles for a day will earn 31 points – you then get the chance to earn ‘Ben’s Bonus Points.’  These are bonus points I like to award for doing a little extra – like eating leafy greens or some organ meat.

Each time you eat a leafy green you will earn a Ben’s Bonus Point  to be added to your BePure total.





BePure lets you indulge too!  Yep, you can still eat what you like, literally – but you get points deducted for indulging in foods and drinks that are not beneficial for you.  You are allowed to have one indulgence a day at no cost!  However, every indulgence after that will result in minus points to be taken off your daily total.

You’re allowed one indulgence a day before having to deduct indulgence points (this coffee is worth -5 points)





Julie (the BePure administrator) and I have been having a lot of fun with this as we travel around the country giving seminars – as we go from cafe to restaurant trying to rack up as many points as possible – searching out leafy greens, organ meats and trying to avoid indulgences – great fun!

Here’s an example of a meal and the scoring for it…

I had this meal for breakfast yesterday – it was steamed pumpkin and swiss chard with carpaccio.





SO…for this meal alone I got 2 points for it being the right level of macronutrients for me, I was conscious of chewing and so got 2 points for that – plus because it was a ‘big breakfast’ I got a point for that too.  Then, I got a bonus point for the leafy greens, another bonus point for raw/slow cooked meat plus another 1 for being 50% organic/homegrown – so I got 8 points just from this meal…and you know what it tasted great and I was full with great energy till 1pm!!

I am launching BePure NOW with a one day food and fun packed workshop – click here to learn more…

In health and happiness

Ben Warren



Why diets don’t work….

Happy Thursday!


Before you follow the advice of another diet program that could actually lower your metabolism and ultimately cause you to gain weight…

..and before you limit your intake of nutrients that could cause permanent damage to your vital organs…

Please take the next few minutes to read this message!

Why? Because I have the answers to fat loss, sleeping better, more energy and feeling great and I really want to share them with you.

Facts No One Is Telling You

Here are the main reasons why most diets don’t work:

  • One size does not fit all! Most diets do not take into account genetic individuality regarding food.
  • Most diets require calorie cutting. Cutting calories trains your lipogenic fat cells to store energy which means you put the weight back on when you do start eating again!
  • There’s a lot that goes on after the food has gone in your mouth. Diets don’t take into account your body’s ability to process and absorb your food.
  • They make their money from the food. Many diets are compromised by getting you to buy their ‘unhealthy’ expensive food.
  • No organ assessment. Diets don’t assess important organs for weight loss and incredible health, organs such as your small and large intestine, both of which will stop you from losing weight if they are not working properly!
  • No mineral testing. Diets don’t check you are not deficient in the most important minerals for permanent weight loss and incredible health.  For example, if you are deficient in Iodine you will not be able to lose body fat no matter what you do!
  • No motivation other than making you feel like a failure. Diets do not provide you with a model of life long motivation to achieve your goals.
  • No mention of getting toxins out of your body. Toxins are stored in fat, you need to be able to get toxins out of your body if you want to burn fat.
  • Poor exercise advice. To burn fat and have incredible health you need to know how to exercise at the right level for YOU!

Listen closely.

Let me fill you in on a few facts no one is telling you. Most of the information that is circulated in popular media regarding diet and health is not the whole truth. The reason is most of this information is produced by commercial food manufacturers, who have huge profits to be made from your buying decisions.

The fact is we are getting fatter and more unhealthy year after year following their advice. I know there’s a better way and I have helped thousands of people learn the truth, lose fat and become healthy because of this information. I have commited my life to helping people learn the truth about getting healthy and losing weight.

Just Look….

  • No more Dieting
  • No more counting calories
  • No more thrashing yourself to burn calories
  • No more feeling guilty for what you’re eating


How’s this possible?

  • Everyone has an individual genetic requirement. Once you know your optimal fuel mix, you stay full for longer and have more energy.
  • Avoiding food intolerances. Finding and avoiding the foods your body does not process well, increased your energy and reduces the amount of toxins that are stored in fat.
  • Better Digestion. Improving your body’s digestion ability so you can better absorb the nutrients, be full for longer and have increased energy from your food.
  • Detoxification. By improving your body’s ability to rid itself of toxins, this reduces fat storage and enables your body to start burning stored fat.
  • Nutrients. By supplying all the minerals and vitamins your body needs to run optimally you increase your metabolism (body’s ability to burn calories) and increase your energy levels so you can live life to the full
  • Healthy Lifestyle. Learn lifestyle adjustments that permanently alter your metabolism of food and give you incredible health and immunity
  • Healthy thoughts. Learn how to think to reduce stress and create a life full of excitement and passion.

I’ll tell you the truth about food and how your body works, information that once you know and apply will give you incredible health and permanent weight loss eating real food that you will love and enjoy.

In health and happiness



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Burn more calories doing nothing!

Hello Pure People,

I hope you had a great weekend.

I enjoyed my weekend on the Kapiti Coast helping another 300 people get healthy at my free evening seminars, clawing my way towards that million people healthy!

Today, I would like to talk about one of the best ways to monitor and measure your health.

I am constantly amazed at how many people still hop on their bathroom scales and use their ‘overall weight’ as a way to measure how their recent nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle factors are working for them.
Most people want to lose weight, right? So, for guys you probably wouldn’t be too worried about your weight if you had 6 pack abs, right?  For women, again you probably wouldn’t be too worried about your weight if you looked great in your bikini or even felt confident enough about the way you looked to wear a bikini, right?
Well, let me tell you…overall weight does not have much to do with either of these.  A female colleague of mine who owns a Pilates Centre, tips the scales in the mid 70kg range (she is quite tall) – yet both men and women would agree she has pretty much a perfect body.  How come?
Because she’s got great muscle mass (and very low body fat).  As you may know… muscle weighs more than fat, which pushes up her ‘overall weight’.  Plus her cellular hydration is over 60% which means she has extra weight in the form of water (which means more energy) which she definitely has and needs…leading over 20 pilates classes a week and running her own business.
All that muscle mass, means that her Basal Metabolic Rate (the amount of calories she burns doing nothing) is very high.


The problem with bathroom scales and using your ‘overall weight’ as a measure is…muscle is heavy and so when people improve their eating habits or exercise, one of the first things that happens is their muscle mass increases (once again this is great!).  However, if they are using their bathroom scales to measure their success – they will often be shocked that although they’ve been eating better and exercising, they have put on weight!!  This is often enough to break any motivation they had to change their eating habits, when in reality their eating improvements had been working, they had just been increasing their muscle mass faster than they were losing fat.
The best way to measure and monitor your health…
Throw away your bathroom scales, and start using a Body Composition Machine!  A Body Composition Machine uses the latest technology to send a small current through your body, and based on the resistance…can give you very accurate levels of muscle mass, body fat, cellular hydration, basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn doing nothing), metabolic age (that’s a really fun one!) and even an estimation of your bone density.

A top of the line Tanita BC 601 – SD


You then have accurate information about your change in nutrition and lifestyle habits, that you can measure and consistently monitor to see what works well for you.
I feel everyone who is serious about losing ‘weight’ (fat) or getting healthy should be using a Body Composition Machine – that’s why in my Life Changing Online Programme‘ I give the machines away!
The one other thing you need to be aware of with Body Composition Machines…is that they are not all the same.  A number of years ago I aligned myself with Tanita as I had tried many other brands of Body Composition Machine and they were different everytime you stood on them!!  Which is worse than useless because you get bad feedback (which is worse than no feedback).  Therefore, I only use and recommend Tanita Body Composition Machines and they are incredibly reasonable starting at $139.

Here’s to you and your muscle mass!

Ben Warren


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