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Two rules to follow this Easter….

Hi World!

There are TWO simple rules to follow with chocolate consumption that can really help maintain your health and stop overindulging….

But first…Why do we crave chocolate??  A number of reasons…

  • Primarily in nature sugar is only found with nutrition (minerals, vitamins, antioxidants amino acids etc) – so when ever we are craving sugar we are really craving nutrients – The best way to get rid of sugar cravings is to improve the amount of nutrients you bring into your body.
  • Carbohydrates (like chocolate) make us feel good…We know that eating carbohydrates increases serotonin (our feel good hormone) – essentially making us happier.  So, if you are not happy in your life you will overeat carbohydrates to make yourself happy (that’s another blog..)
  • Chocolate is a good source of Magnesium – a key mineral for energy production and a muscle relaxant.  A nutritionist who’s tested the most people for Magnesium deficiency in New Zealand has found that 85% of people tested were deficient (that’s why I put a healthy dose of magnesium in my BePure ONE)

O.K.  So, the rules for Chocolate consumption….

RULE #1 – Eat only high quality, high cocoa solids chocolate.

Eat high cocoa chocolate – I recommend only eating at least 70% cocoa chocolate.  Ideally 85% cocoa chocolate!  Cocoa is  actually a superfood,  it has one of the best antioxidant profiles of any food on the planet.  So, what does that mean?  It means that it has the potential to protect you from both cancer and heart disease – Antioxidants are also one of the keys to staying young (click here to learn more about antioxidants and where to get them from).   One of the main problems with low cocoa chocolate (20% to 40%) is the amount of sugar contained in them – the high sugar content can lead to blood sugar imbalances (which over time leads to type 2 diabetes) but also cause you to PACK ON THE FAT!  In contrast a 100gram bar of 85% cocoa chocolate only has 4 teaspoons of sugar in it.  Not too bad!  Which means even if you eat a quarter of the bar you will only be getting one teaspoon of sugar effecting your blood sugar levels.  And you know what?  It’s tough to eat a whole bar of 85% chocolate (that’s not a challenge!).

Chocolate quality is another issue…cocoa plants are traditionally treated with pesticides and recently pesticide residues in cocoa has become a growing issue – so I recommend only buying organic chocolate like Green and Black’s.







Rule #2 – Eat protein and fat with chocolate.

The saving grace of chocolate is that it is quite high in fat.  This fat will help slow down the uptake of the carbohydrates and will help stabilise the effects of sugar on blood glucose levels.  To further the stabilisation of blood sugar levels you should try and eat to your own macronutrient profile (I teach people how to know this in my Life Changing Programme) – this means that if you are an inuit or protein type and were going to have a piece of chocolate after a meal…you’d eat slightly less carbohydrates with the meal, and then eat the chocolate as the carbohydrate.

You can also get away with eating more carbohydrates than right for you directly before you exercise.  Therefore, if you are going to have extra carbohydrates in the form of chocolate do it right before you exercise and this will minimise the effects of the sugar on your blood glucose levels.

Enjoy your chocolate! And Happy Easter!

Love your body!



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Please, please, please don’t feed your children boxed cereals…

Morning World!

There are many problems with boxed cereals beyond the obvious – sugar, preservatives, synthetic vitamin fortification, oxide mineral fortification… But people don’t realise that if grains are not prepared correctly they can be very problematic.  For example, grains contain phytic acid – which binds the minerals in the grain so, in nature, the grain will only begin to grow in optimal conditions (moisture being the key).  If you eat cereals that have not been soaked the phytic acid will bind minerals in your intestinal track potentially taking minerals like magnesium and calcium out of your body.

The nutritional benefits come from eating whole grains – not processed whole grains!  But whole grains!  In boxed cereals the grains are often processed, plus the heat used in pressing a grain into a flake or pressure of puffing the grain will destroy the B vitamin content – this is why they have to then replace the B vitamins – but I can guarantee you they will be using the cheapest synthetic B vitamins to do this!

I could go on and on…But the solution is simple…if you want to give your children grains for breakfast give them whole grains like millet, buckwheat, rolled oats, quinoa, barley, amaranth and brown rice.  Soak over night to release the phytic acid, drain and cook.  The great thing about pre-soaking is that the grains generally cook a lot faster this way too.

We had this first course meal 1 (breakfast) this, white and black quinoa and amaranth grains soaked overnight.  In a seperate dish we soaked some gogi berries, raisins and prunes.

Then in the morning I drained and rinsed the grains and added 250ml of coconut milk and cooked the grains in the coconut milk.  Once cooked (about 15 minutes)  – serve the grains in bowls and top with the soaked juice from the berry/raisin and prune mix and enjoy.  Of course you could add some freshly ground flaxseeds to this as well as chopped raw nuts and butter – but this morning we didn’t.

This has no added sugar and as you’ll see below – Isabella my 3 year old daughter loved it and went back for seconds.  Due to my macronutrient profile I followed this course with a carpaccio course (raw steak – but that’s another blog altogether!)

Please note this meal was 100% organic and cost under $1.50 each – the most expensive part being the coconut milk.  A small price to pay to protect Isabella from oestrogenic pesticides which are shown to be a contributing factor in breast cancer, endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

I hope one day that Isabella will be able to experience the joy and love of being a parent as I have….  Unfortunately many children her age won’t be able to due to oestrogen mimicking hormones in the environment.  This is becoming more prevalent in our younger women even now let alone for a our 3 year olds as they grow older…but that’s another blog….

Much Love



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Is your water making you fat?

What a few days I’ve had…

Saturday night I spent two hours with one of the worlds leading mind/body specialist, Richard Moat PhD.  Richard has a PhD in clinical hypnotherapy and helps people explore the links between their emotions and health.  One of his powerful mind/body techniques involves a guided visualisation of melting fat away on your body – and you know what?  It works better than limiting the calories you eat!  I’m hoping to incorporate this tool in my Life Changing Programme in the coming months…Which I am very excited about. Check out Richards Website here.

Sunday Night I had dinner with Jerry Brunetti, a soil consultant and holistic animal health expert who cured himself of an aggressive form of rare cancer using nutrition.  He’s living proof of how powerful nutrition can be and his pursuing evening seminar blew everyone away!  I’ve been following Jerry for a number of years and next time he’s in New Zealand I’ll get him on tape for you.  In the mean time if you know someone that is fighting cancer I highly recommend you get his personal account of what he did to beat his own cancer. Check out Jerry’s website here.

Monday Night – I went to Professor Paul Connett’s Fluoride lecture..more on this later.

Tuesday Lunchtime – Lunch with Paul Connett – picking his brains about the interaction of fluoride and thyroid function, and that brings me to today’s post….

If you are drinking Fluoridated water the chances are that it is making you FAT. In fact, not only is it making you FAT…But research shows it also lowers children’s IQ – so we are making our children dumber too!  Plus a whole bunch of other negative health effects. Let me explain…

Your thyroid is one of the keys to great energy and fat loss,  so I like peoples Thyroids to be working really well (under 2.0 TSH score).  Fluoride has the potential to alter the effects of thyroid function on three levels.

1-Fluoride actually tricks your body into thinking it has enough T4 (thyroxine – the main thyroid hormone), this slows down T4 production in the Thyroid and slows down fat burning.  RESULT: You get tired and fat.

2-Fluoride decreases your body to convert T4 to T3 and T2.  T2 is an inactive version of T4 and so if you cannot make this step then potentially you can go into hyperthyroid- not much fun… T3 is a more active form of T4 and so if you want to lose fat you want this conversion to be working really well.  If it’s not working properly (such as in the presence of fluoride or adrenal fatigue) then this will also slow down fat burning.  RESULT:  You get tired and fat.

The frightening thing about this is that a normal thyroid test (TSH) will not pick this problem up as many G.P’s do not run T4, T3 and T2 tests and so your Doc will tell you your thyroid is fine – which is technically correct your thyroid is making the T4… it’s just not getting activated to T3 – which sucks!

3 -Fluoride being a halogen can potentially sit in the receptor sites where iodine should pass into the thyroid cells – meaning you can’t make as much T4 in the beginning – yep, you guessed it…meaning you cannot burn fat as efficiently as an energy source.  RESULT:  You get tired and fat.


So what can you do??  I speak about the role of iodine in my Life changing Programme and it’s too big an issue to deal with here – but increase iodine consumption (slowly), I like kelp and a product called Thyrobalance.

Primarily… ONLY DRINK UN-FLUORIDATED WATER!! Is the best way to minimise excessive exposure to fluoride, if you live in a city which fluoridates water then you will need to filter the water with a special filter – that get’s more complicated and to learn more check out the BePure Health Water section of the web site (click here).


So, it’s been a fun few days for me and over the coming weeks I’ll be continuing my research in all of these areas to learn more about how to have permanent weight loss and incredible health!

Bye for now…


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